Ways To Find New Adventure Motorcycle Riding Buddies

A biker enjoying a ride in the country side
A biker enjoying a ride in the country side

There are a lot of folks out there that love nothing more than jumping on their motorcycle, hitting the road solo, and just kind of going wherever the pavement takes them.

These Lone Wolves love their bikes for sure – and live for the adventure – but almost all of them have just as much fun grabbing a bunch of motorcycle riding buddies and hitting the road together, enjoying everything that this way of life has to offer as a team and a real pack.

If you’ve found yourself Lone Wolfing it for a while now and would love nothing more than to find some more riding buddies to head out with, but are finding this to be a little bit harder than you expected, check out all of the tips and tricks we’re able to offer you below.

You’ll have a bike pack formed in no time at all, filled to the brim with passionate folks that become lifelong friends!

Let’s dive right in!

Hangout at the local hangouts

Every halfway decent sized town and up has at least a couple of biker bars that aren’t just for the Sons of Anarchy crowd, populated by folks that love bikes, love riding, and love to get to know other people that are just as passionate as they are.

This is where you’re going to want to spend A LOT more of your time!

These hangouts – you can usually spot 10 or 12 bikes out front and have a solid guess that it’s a biker joint – are usually very welcoming, so long as you come in with no preconceived notions and make a real attempt to get to know the established crew.

Big bike rallies are can’t miss experiences

Look, big bike rallies – like the cross country runs to Sturgis or the big bike week down in Daytona, just to name a few – are once in a lifetime experiences that HAVE to be enjoyed by those that have motor oil in their bodies, but they can also be great ways to find new bike friends as well.

Check the web in your local area to see if there are any meetups to make it out to one of these runs, or just solo cruise on up and make a commitment to find folks from your area that are checking out all the action, too.

You’re bound to find at least a handful of passionate bikers from your local area with this approach, and they will all be excited and open to connecting with you more regularly when you get back to town!

Jump online

There are all kinds of places online you can connect with bikers, not only from your local area but from all over the country as well.

This is a great approach for folks that are a little bit gun shy about going out and meeting new people “in the real world” at first, as you’ll have the chance to build up a bit of a relationship through the web before you take the plunge.

At the end of the day, you won’t have to look too far – or for too long – to connect with some new bike riding buddies, that’s for sure!